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Waterproof Video Camera


A waterproof video camera also called a waterproof camcorder is a specially designed camera which enables people to record video underwater. While amateur cameras can be taken to a certain depth more professional cameras have better resolutions and are designed to withstand gut wrenching underwater pressure. There is a wide array of water proof cameras which include cameras from brands like Sanyo Xacti.

Finding the right underwater camcorder takes a little bit of time and a lot of knowledge about how these cameras work. There are a number of things you should look at prior to deciding upon a waterproof video camera.

waterproof video camera

Camcorder Resolution

This is probably one of the most important aspects of your video camera. The resolution of your underwater camera will determine the vividness and dept of the captured video. While a standard definition camera may suffice for most people primarily because it is cheap, those who want better quality or even professional quality may want to opt for High Definition cameras.


Optical Zoom

This is another very important aspect of your underwater video camera. While most cameras come equip with standard 10x optical zoom, it may not suffice for instances where you want to zoom up on something which is further than twenty of thirty feet. 10x optical zoom may only suffice for videos where everyone is close enough to be captured in vivid quality, for more adventurous shots you may want to invest in something with more zoom.


Waterproof depth

If you are a casual diver you can get away with anything that withstands a depth of a few feet. However if you are a pro or want to capture images from the deepest depths of the sea you will want to purchase something that can withstand more depth. In most cases the depth a camera can handle will be given on the camera’s housing.


Image Stabilization

When you are underwater it can be hard to stabilize your camera and this is where image stabilization technology comes in. This technology helps to eliminate the effects of jitters and sudden movement of your hand on the captured video. However you should always make sure that you purchase a camera with good image stabilization especially if you are going to film really deep.


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